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Untitled – The Overlander’s Daughter: Book 2

I fell in love with the characters from The Overlander’s Daughter and had more adventures for them before I even completed the first story. This story is in the research, brainstorming, outlining phase, but that’s one of my favorite parts of the writing process, so I’m enjoying it.

This story continues Sarah and Charlie’s adventures in the west. Due to a family tragedy, they find themselves back on the trail and heading toward California in1849. The treasure they’re seeking isn’t gold, but it’s a treasure they might be willing to kill for.

#Finding It – a contemporary young adult action adventure treasure hunt

I found that I wasn’t yet ready to say goodbye to the characters from #Killing It either, so here’s a second story that is outlined and partially drafted. This one is not so much a sequel but does focus on the same characters. It also adds a little bit of romance too.

For a school newspaper assignment, Carter goes on a police ride-along during which a homeless man shares his last words with Carter before dying. Unsure what they mean, he visits the man’s family only to discover that the cryptic message might not have been so cryptic after all, and the homeless man might have had something he needed Carter to find for him. It’s up to Carter to figure out the message and find the treasure before whoever is stalking him does.