Books at Night

As a lover of books, bookstores, color and design, I fell in love with the following video.  I have no idea how the creators did it, but it made me smile.  It also reminded me of two of my favorite films Toy Story and Night at the Museum.  While those focus on what happens with unsupervised toys and historical icons, this little film envisions what all our beloved books might be doing when the lights go out.  Enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Books at Night

    1. I know. My dad’s response to the video was that it will be impossible in 20+ years. I’m not sure I agree with that but the idea of it made me sad all the same.


  1. Ah yes, the joy of books and night time and things that spark the imagination and the worlds we inhabit between the covers of a great novel or story.

    I think it will take a little longer for the printed word to disappear, I think there will be a resurgence of beautifully crafted, collector item books and to own a printed version will become more special and more expensive, the rare book shops will return and be more upmarket, there are a lot of nostaligic creatures out there and that trait won’t disappear.


    1. I love that idea books will become beautiful collectors items. I remember reading a novel or short story years ago in which paper (sometime in the future) had become incredibly rare and was worth its weight in gold. I like your idea better, that books themselves actually become more beautiful over time. Thanks for sharing.


  2. What a great find! If I show it to my kids they will think books are as cool as I do? I keep reading about new purposes for old books. It is sad to think these are destined to become artifacts in the age of ebooks. Maybe videos like this will make them more attractive to the younger generation.


    1. Maybe! I showed it to some of my HS students and they really enjoyed it, though I think everyone likes to imagine what happens in spaces when nobody is around. I also think that the digital generation also reads a lot. They are surrounded by text and when given the choice, many of my students choose to read for fun. They are so constantly bombarded with information, that sometimes a book is the only way they can slow down. Books aren’t going anywhere soon.


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