April Fool Story Freak

Happy April fool’s day everyone.  Yesterday I ran into a friend at Wal-mart who said that she was going to a wedding today!  Really?!  Who gets married on April fool’s day?  That seems like just asking for trouble.  Maybe I’m too superstitious but April 1 is NOT a date I would pick for my wedding!  There must be an interesting story there because getting married on April fools day must have been the only option.  I’ve always had an internal commentator on life, but now the commentator is telling “back stories” so by the time I left Wal-mart this wedding couple whom I have never met had become a tragic pair who could only marry on April 1 due to dire circumstances – not a great story but now I can’t stop this story thing from happening – ack!

Since I decided to commit to writing, I’ve turned into this freaky narration story person.  Everything I hear, read, or even see is becoming a potential story which my over active brain instantly begins narrating in a weird third person way.

Does this happen to everyone who writes?

At first I wondered if this is normal, but then I realized what’s normal?  And do I want to be normal anyway? I think not.  Maybe this is a sign I’m truly internalizing this whole idea of being a writer. I like that thought – no fooling!  So, I’ll just keep writing (and continually narrating back stories about life to myself).


One thought on “April Fool Story Freak

  1. Yes, I am also afflicted with writing stories in my head. As for “normal” – these days it’s simply a setting on my washing machine.


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